K9-2 Rex

Officer Jason Miller began his career in law enforcement when he was hired by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, in September of 2004, as an On-Call Deputy.  Officer Miller was assigned to the Main Jail Division.  In January of 2005, Officer Miller was hired as a full time Deputy Sheriff and remained at the Main Jail where he became a member of the CERT team and worked on the maximum security floor.  During the summer of 2005, Officer Miller completed his patrol training and returned to the Main Jail to await his rotation to patrol. In May of 2006, Officer Miller was hired by the Elk Grove Police Department.  During his tenure at the Elk Grove Police Department Officer Miller has held many assignments, which include Patrol, Problem Oriented Policing Unit (POP), SWAT Operator, Field Training Officer, Chemical Agent Instructor, and Advanced Officer Training Instructor.  Officer Miller began his assignment as a canine handler in October of 2014 with his first partner, K9 Exo.  K9 Exo was a Belgian Malinois who was raised by a local trainer in Roseville, California.  K9 Exo later went on to work for the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office. In August of 2016, Officer Miller began training his second partner, K9 Blu.  K9 Blu is a Belgian Malinois who was born and raised in the Netherlands.  K9 Blu worked with Officer Miller from October of 2016 until July of 2017.  On January 7th, 2017, K9 Blu was shot twice while trying to apprehend two armed robbery suspects.  K9 Blu sustained bullet wounds to his front left leg during the incident.  K9 Blu was able to make a full physical recovery and return to duty.  K9 Blu was later retired after not being able to recover mentally from the shooting.  K9 Blu is currently living out his life as a member of Officer Miller’s family.  K9 Blu has taken up dock diving competitions as a hobby during retirement. In September of 2017, Officer Miller received K9 Rex.  K9 Rex was born and raised in the Czech Republic before coming to America to become a police canine.  K9 Rex is half German Shepard and half Dutch Shepard.  Officer Miller and K9 Rex certified and began working patrol together in November of 2017.  K9 Rex will be trained in narcotics detection in the future and will also specialize in tracking.