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A fact hard to deal with at times, when living with working K-9’s, is that they pass away. In a perfect world, our K-9 partners would retire and live out their lives with us as family pets.


They work for us with such dedication that is only fair they retire with the same from us. People quite often ask what happens to our partners when they retire. Here at the Elk Grove Police Department, the handlers purchase the dog for a small fee and allow them to live out their life. We do not sell or give away the dogs outside the Department. Our K-9 partners mean too much, and I can’t think of a handler that would allow it.


We spend 10 hours a day at work with our partners and then bring them home at the end of each shift and on the weekends. This means that we actually spend more time with our partners than we do with our family.


Some of us bring our partners into our home as part of the family. We understand that they are working police dogs, but the types of dogs that we select are capable of knowing the difference between work and family life.


The Elk Grove Police K-9 Association was formed in an effort to lessen the financial burden to the City of Elk Grove with regard to the Law Enforcement K-9. The Association funds are accepted as donations from private persons and businesses within the community and beyond. As well as helping to take care of the K-9’s, our association helps to promote positive relationships in the community with the creation of trading cards, children’s tattoos, and stickers.


Each K-9 handler is responsible for the expenses of their retired partner. Your generously donated monies will be used to help pay for retired K-9 medical costs and eventual burial costs which include the burial itself and a headstone to honor our lost partner. Our loyal partners play a very large part in keeping our community and officers safe. They are an integral part of our police force and in their off-duty time, are a part of our families. We see it as appropriate that our K-9 partners be honored appropriately at their time of passing. These donated funds go a long way in helping us to honor their selfless dedication to their partner, their fellow officer and the community for which they served.


The moneys donated to the Association are also used to support training events for the handlers and canines and are used to support other nonprofit organizations such as: Elk Grove Food Bank, End of Watch, Elk Grove FFA, Firefighters Burn Institute, Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, Shriners Children’s Hospital and many others. 


Our associations’ non-profit, tax identification number is: #11-3777063

If you would like to make a donation to help support our retired K9s, click on the PayPal link below. If you would prefer, you can also mail a donation to us at:

Elk Grove Police K9 Association
8698 Elk Grove Blvd
Suite 1-310
Elk Grove, CA 95624


If you would like a receipt for your donation, please indicate that to us and we’ll be happy to provide one.


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